Significant Software offers the following services for
the Axis3D software family:


Software Modifications

Development of Individual Solutions

software modificationsAlthough all Axis3D products have an intuitive user interface, training can be of great advantage. Maximize your investment by using Axis3D to its fullest potential from day one by having geodesy and geotechnical experts show you how to use Axis3D on site, while maintaining your familiar work processes and data structures.
software modificationsOn request Significant Software will make customer-specific changes to the Axis3D products. These could include:
  • Development of specific import/export interfaces
  • Modification of reports
  • Implementation of specific algorithms
  • Automatic synchronization of external data
Our flexible licensing system ensures that only the client requesting these modifications can access them.
software modificationsSignificant Software has been developing individual and industry-specific software for PCs, servers, mobile devices, measurement devices, and micro-controllers since 1996. We're curious about your requirements.