Geotechnical Monitoring

Axis3D GTM - Geotechnical Monitoring

Analysis and graphics for geotechnical measurements in tunneling

geotech2 Up-to-date results: Early detection of risks increases the safety of humans and structures.

Efficient workflows: Data structure is designed individually by the user according to project requirements.

Comprehensive graphics: Quick and easy interpretation of results by the project engineer.

Coordinate Calculation

Data Management


Coordinate Calculation Accurate trigonometric results are guaranteed by reliable adjustment routines that take refraction into account.
Easy determination of leveling results as well as the ability to include geotechnical sensor data minimize analysis effort. An intuitive user interface is the foundation for professional analysis of measurement data.
Data Management Users can manage large volumes of data individually and by project. Coordinates of deformation points; construction-phases; as well as readings from extensometer, anchor load cells, and pressure cells are stored by epoch. Clear data structures give a quick overview.
Graphics Varied, application-oriented graphical display options in 2D and 3D facilitate the interpretation of extensive data sets. Quick and easy generation of graphics provides up-to-date results and supports rapid, confident decision-making.

Axis3D GTM Functionality


  • Easy to use and flexible user interface design
  • 3D view of project incl. tunnel geometry, survey points, and sightings
Coordinate Calculations
  • Based on data obtained from polar measurements or sets of angles
  • Supports Leica GSI8 and GSI16 data format (other manufacturers on request)
  • Includes leveling data
  • Free Station (3D) with survey point calculation
  • Calculation of linked stations with optimized adjustment algorithms
  • Automatic recognition of reference and deformation point IDs, even without measured distances
  • Calculation of leveling runs
Geometry Manager
(Axis3D GeoMan)
  • Analytical definition of tunnel geometry according to design
  • Plausibility tests and 3D visualization
  • Highly accurate transformation between project and tunnel coordinate systems
  • Display objects in 3D, showing deformations (colored surfaces, isolines, vectors)
  • Cross sections with deformation vectors
  • Time related diagrams for longitudinal, lateral and vertical deformation
  • Advancement related graphics (lines of influence): shifts in chainage, offset, and elevation
  • Cross-sections for surface monitoring
  • Time related graphics for pressure cells and anchor load cells
  • Time related graphics for extensometers
  • Time related graphics for inclinometers
  • Settlement diagrams
  • Time-related management of coordinates, forces, angles and distances, as well as monitoring cross-sections, construction phases, tunnel geometry, etc.
  • Individual, project related data structure
  • Interfaces for data import/export
  • Database synchronization
  • SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL-Server, Interbase

Tunneling Tunneling Tunnels, caverns, cut and cover construction, above ground structures

Shafts, Open Cuts Shafts, Open Cuts Secured slopes, sheet pile, secant pile, and diaphragm walls

Civil Engineering Structures Civil Engineering Structures Bridges, retaining walls, walls, ceilings, building pits

System Information

(not included)
  • PC with at least 2 USB ports
  • 21" screen (recommended)
  • Three-button mouse
  • Axis3D PC software, incl. USB or SD dongle
  • Languages: German, English;
    French (coming soon)
  • Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit, respectively)
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DIBIT Measuring Technique
Kiewit Corporation (USA)
Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Stolitzka & Partner Civil Engineers
Vorarlberger Illwerke AG