Automated Monitoring

AMO - Automated Monitoring

Flexible . Stand-alone . Easy

geotechnical solutions New possibilities with stand-alone operation

Axis3D AMO is an automated trigonometric monitoring system with a range of power supply options - from mains to solar power. Stand-alone power supply and wireless data transfer open the doors for new applications.

Stand-alone Operation

Easy Installation and Use

Flexible Configuration

geotechnical softwareAxis3D AMO minimizes the required field equipment. Power can be supplied by 230V/110V mains connection or by other sources such as solar panels or fuel cells. Wireless communication via 3G/GPRS provides reliable data transfer to the office in real-time, around-the-clock.
geotechnical softwareThe monitoring system is as easy to set up as a total station. A standard tripod can be used for short-term installations. Thanks to automatic data management, autonomous system checks, and remote maintenance no specialist know-how is required to operate the system.
geotechnical softwareThe modular concept of Axis3D AMO includes functions ranging from simple automated measurements to reliable limit checks and warnings. Additional proven and reliable computer software packages add functions such as on-site graphical displays in real-time or on-demand analysis in the office .
Geotechnical sensors can also be integrated in Axis3D AMO.


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