Automated Monitoring

Axis3D AMO - Automated Monitoring

Stand-alone trigonometric deformation measurements

Stand-alone trigonometric deformation measurements Maximum security: Alarms and data transfer in real-time, 24/7.

Stand-alone operation: Data transfer via 3G/GPRS, power supplied by solar panels or fuel cells.

Minimal equipment for fast set up: Up and running within one hour.

Automated measurements: Considers shifts in station positions and influence of refraction.

Configuration and Stand-alone Measurements

Data Transfer and Visualization

The stand-alone trigonometric system continuously measures object coordinates and checks for deformations. Shifts in station coordinates and the influence of refraction are calculated and corrected on-board in the field.
Measurement routines are pre-configured; there is no need for a permanent communication link to the office server. The field system runs without a computer, keeping power consumption to a minimum.
3d deformations
Deformation results are stored as ASCII files and automatically transferred to the office via 3G/GPRS. The field equipment is permanently monitored. Remote maintenance from the office allows control settings to be adjusted and possible errors to be corrected. Visualization (PC- and Web-based) for data analysis are carried out using Axis3D Deformation Graphics (DG) software, or other programs already in use.



  • Optional integration of geotechnical sensors via RS485 or LAN
  • Logging of all activities on the AMO-Box or the total station

Automated Measurements

  • Unlimited number of target points
  • Continuous or single measurements
  • Re-measure temporarily hidden points
  • Point recognition of closely positioned targets
  • Tracking of fast-moving targets
  • Measurement data stored in ASCII files in Leica GSI16 format

Optional: Coordinate Calculations

  • Individual refraction corrections for different deformation point groups
  • Calculation of station position in 1D, 2D, 3D
  • Meteorological and geometric distance reductions
  • Coordinate output in ASCII files in Leica GSI16 format
Optional: Alarms
  • Monitoring of shifts in X, Y, Z, 3D, and position
  • Monitoring of absolute shifts
  • Monitoring of shift velocity
  • Multiple tolerance limits per point
  • Multiple tolerance ranges per point
  • Avoid false alarms: warning only after repeated exceeding of tolerance
Optional: Optional: Automatic Data Transfer and System Check (Axis3D ADS)
(Axis3D ADS)
  • Data download
  • Total station and AMO-Box system checks
  • Reset total station and AMO-Box after errors
  • Messaging of alarms and errors (email, text message)
  • Logging of total station status

Optional: Manual Remote Maintenance
(Axis3D ADC)

  • Input and upload of control settings
  • Up- and download of data
  • Check total station status
  • Reset total station after errors

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Stand-alone MonitoringStand-alone Monitoring
With 24V solar or fuel cell power supply and 3G/GPRS data transfer, e.g. for slope

Online MonitoringOnline Monitoring
With Web-based real-time deformation graphics for authorized users; e.g. for high-risk structures, rail tracks.

Standard MonitoringStandard Monitoring
With 230V/110V and 3G/GPRS data transfer, e.g. for tunnels, building pits, dams, walls..

System Information

Field Hardware
  • Leica Geosystems TPS1000, TPS1100, TPS1200, TPS200, TPS5000, TM/TS30, Viva and Nova total stations
  • AMO-Box: communication via 2G/3G/4G between office and up to two total stations; up to 200 m distance between total station and AMO-Box, standard power supply (230V/110V)
  • Optional: independent 24V power supply (solar panels/fuel cells)

Office Hardware

  • Standard personal computer and optional server
All components may be purchased through significant software.
Field Software
  • Axis3D AMO1.0 on-board software for Leica Geosystems; Viva and Nova total stations
  • Axis3D AMO2.0 software (AMO-Box) allows addionally to use Leica Geosystems TPS1000/2000/5000 and TPS1100 total stations

Office PC/Server-Software

  • Axis3D ADS: automatic alarms, data transfer, and system checks
  • Axis3D ADC: manual configuration and remote maintenance
  • Languages: German, English; French (coming soon)
  • Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10(32-bit and 64-bit, respectively)
PC/Server software products are delivered with a USB or an SD dongle.


Wiener Linien - public transports of Vienna
Avalanche Protection and Torrent Control (Austria)
Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Vorarlberger Illwerke AG