Motor Laser System

Axis3D MLS - Motor Laser System

Surveying by the miners

geotech2 Axis3D MLS saves costs: Independent surveying by the miners.

Optimized tunneling process: Easy to set up, even in tight spaces.

User-friendly: Intuitive interface and ease of use, even wearing work gloves.

Mobility: Remote control with a range of up to 200m(600ft).

Station Set-up



Station Set-up Axis3D MLS consists of a total station, a Wi-Fi connection box, and a fully ruggedized notebook. Easy stationing lets the tunneling crew set up the system on mobile tripods as well as on brackets.This allows the system to be used even where brackets cannot be mounted – all without a surveyor.
Stakeout The intuitive user guidance supports setting out of the heading direction. Predefined functions, such as positioning of girders, setting out profiles, and configuring the drilling increase productivity. .
Control Optimized online graphics allow the tunneling crew to check tunneling progress in real-time. For documentation purposes results are automatically stored as PDF files in the system.



  • Control of multiple total stations from a single laptop
  • Definition of an unlimited number of process steps
  • Automatic check of available instrument functions
  • Automatic orientation check
  • Automatic logging of all activities
  • low-cost light edition for non-motorised total stations
Setting up Total Station
  • Set-up on bracket with Free Station
  • Alternatively: Measure a new bracket position from the previous station
  • Short term tripod set-up with Free Station
  • Unlimited number of individual points
    (e.g. drilling pattern, positioning lattice girders)
  • User-defined continuous points along the profile (e.g. excavation profile)
  • Automatic interval stakeout for individual points (e.g. mountings for utility ducts)
  • Include radial, horizontal, and vertical offsets
  • Automatic measurement of the current tunnel face chainage
Profile Check
  • Reflectorless distance measurement
  • Measurement in LOCK-mode (with reflector)
  • Measurement of arbitrary or predefined points
  • Real-time measurements (e.g. while spraying shotcrete)
  • Online graphics in tunnel
  • PDF graphics for documentation
Drill Guidance
  • Drill guidance beam for automatic drilling carriages
  • Automatic measurement of the current tunnel face chainage
Umbrella Forepoling
  • Automatic stakeout of unlimited number of drilling points
  • Automatic positioning of drilling carriage
Automatic Deformation Measurement
  • coming soon
  • Management of point data, control parameters, tunnel geometry, etc.
  • Interfaces for data import/export
  • Database synchronization
  • SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL-Server, Interbase
Geometry Manager (Axis3D GeoMan)
  • Analytical definition of tunnel geometry as per design
  • Plausibility tests and 3D visualization
  • Highly accurate transformation between project and tunnel coordinate systems
Tunnel Stakeout motor laser system
Tunnel Stakeout
Drilling pattern, tunnel profile, niches, steel girders, umbrella forepoling, profile enlargement, utility ducts

Profile Check
Profile Check

Excavation profiles, position of lattice girders, shotcrete profile, real-time check (e.g. during spraying of shotcrete)

Machine Positioning and Control
Machine Positioning and Control
Drilling carriage, DIBIT™ tunnel scanner

System Information

  • Leica Geosystems TPS1200, Viva or Nova total station with reflectorless distance measurements and automatic target recognition (other manufacturers on request)
  • Wi-Fi box with approx. 200m (600ft) remote control range, and power supply (230V/110V)
  • Ruggedized notebook with touchscreen(e.g. Panasonic Toughbook)
  • Optional: bracket for total station
  • Optional: tripod for mobile stationing
All hardware components may be purchased through
significant software
  • Axis3D MLS office software for configuration, incl. USB dongle
  • Axis3D MLS tunnelling software, incl. SD or PC-card dongle
  • Languages: German, English;
    French (coming soon)
  • Operating systems:
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit, respectively)

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