Network Adjustment

Axis3D NET - Network Adjustment

Network adjustment for demanding engineering surveys

network adjustment Precise results: Tested calculation routines for reliable results.

Complex networks: Individual computation of weighting, scale factors, and refraction coefficients allow using heterogeneous data.

Easy error detection: Comprehensive routines find errors, even in complex networks.

Efficient workflows: Intuitive user interface guides the user through the project and speeds work up considerably.

Measurement Data and Network Datum


Network Graphics

Network Datum Checking and cleanup of measurement data is simplified by proven routines, eliminating gross errors and mixed targets before the adjustment. Efforts for the definition of network datum are minimized due to automatic calculation of approximate coordinates.
Adjustment Robust adjustment routines, including the calculation of additional parameters such as scale factors, refraction coefficients, or gyroscope constants, ensure highest accuracy results. The individual weighting of measurement data includes distance-related measurement and reference point accuracies, as well as centering errors. These sophisticated features, combined with an intuitive user interface, enable a professional analysis of measurement data.
Network Graphics The graphic presentation of sightings and points, including error ellipses and height errors, gives a comprehensive overview of the network. As point IDs are shifted automatically to blank areas, the graphics stay clear, ensuring a good overview to judge the network design and quality at a glance. Export to scale as DXF or PDF files.



  • Easy to use and flexible user interface design
  • Store entire adjustment projects for further calculations

Measurement Data

  • Hz-Angles
  • Distances
  • V-Angles
  • Leveling runs
  • Gyroscope readings
  • Comprehensive options for checking measurement data

Adjustment Results

  • Coordinates of control points and new points
  • Optional: multiple EDM scale factors and prism constants
  • Optional: multiple refraction coefficients
  • Optional: multiple gyroscope constants

Network Adjustment

  • Separate calculation of position and height
  • Unconstrained adjustment and subsequent transformation onto given control points
  • Constrained adjustment with fixed control points
  • Distance-related weighting of observations considering individual measurement accuracies and centering errors
  • Display of residuals, misclosures, coordinate corrections, error information
  • Variance component estimation
  • Optional: meteorological and geometric distance reductions
3D Network Graphics
  • Reference points, control points, and new points
  • Sightings
  • Error ellipses and height errors
  • User-defined scale for network and error information
  • Scalable symbols
  • Automatic shift of point IDs for clear graphics
  • DXF and PDF export


  • Management of control points and new points, adjustment parameters, etc.
  • Individual, project related data structure
  • Interfaces for data import/export
  • Database synchronization
  • SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL-Server, Interbase

First-order Geodetic Networks First-order Geodetic Networks

Precise Control Measurements Precise Control Measurements

Complex Deformation Measurements Complex Deformation Measurements

System Information

(not included)
  • PC with at least 2 USB ports
  • 21" screen (recommended)
  • Axis3D NET software, incl. USB or SD dongle
  • Languages: German, English; French (coming soon)
  • Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit, respectively)
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